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A Masonic Visit With a Difference

It is generally accepted that visiting is the lifeblood of Freemasonry, but Bro. Roddy Chambers of Backwell Lodge recently took that to a whole new level by visiting a Lodge in the Caribbean!

Roddy explained “We had a family holiday planned and my wife’s cousin is a member of a Lodge in Barbados and invited me to visit whilst we were on holiday there.  It was too good an opportunity to miss so we managed to organise our plans to allow me to attend.”

Explaining a bit more about organising the visit, Roddy said “The Lodge I attended sits under the District Grand Lodge of Barbados which in turn sits under the Grand Lodge of Scotland structure, rather than under the United Grand Lodge of England.  English Freemasons are allowed to visit Lodges affiliated to the Grand Lodge of Scotland but I had to get approval from the Somerset Province first.”

Roddy went onto say “The meeting itself was a wonderful occasion.  It was an installation meeting which, as far as I could tell, had quite a lot of similarities with our own installations, except they sang a Scottish song as part of it which caught me by surprise!  The regalia they wore was also similar but a different colour to ours.”

Roddy added “The Festive Board was a happy and joyous occasion and I was made to feel very welcome which shows that no matter how far you go to visit, the spirit of masonic friendship is the same wherever you are in the world.”

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