The Members’ Pathway

Attracting Members – Growing Lodges

“Attracting Members – Growing Lodges ” – A simple tagline to explain the need for the Members’ Pathway, which in summary is a framework to help lodges…

Plan Lodge and Membership Development

Attract and welcome new members

Engage with new and existing members to increase involvement and satisfaction and minimise losses

Retrieve those who have drifted away to re-kindle their interest and re-join

Presentations in Somerset

These are informal evenings to introduce you to the new Members’ Pathway. They will commence with a complementary drink, with a light buffet to follow the presentation. Dress code will be smart casual.
Please send your WM, your Lodge Membership and Mentoring Team, your secretary and any others that could benefit. Presentations begin at 7pm prompt.
For details on how to book in, please contact your lodge secretary.

Keynsham Masonic Hall on Wednesday 17th November
Yeovil Masonic Hall on Tuesday 30th November
Nailsea on Tuesday 25th January 2022
Weston-Super-Mare dates on Monday 31st January
Taunton on Thursday 24th March

Members’ Pathway Resources

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Here’s some feedback that’s been gathered from around the province.

If you woud like to contribute, please email your article to, asking for your story to be added to the Members’ Pathway page.

  • “Masonic Taster” evenings / White table evenings –
    • Paul Mallon Elizabethan Lodge (Bath)
    • Invite non-masons to dine at the Masonic Centre, see the lodge room and get a feel for Freemasonry in general
  • Training after initiation, passing and raising
    • Patrick Horton St Alphege Lodge No. 4095 (Bath)
    • Here the idea is for personal or lodge mentors (or anyone so inclined) to meet up with brethren after initiation, passing and raising to discuss the ceremony and answer any questions

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