Somerset Mark Mason

The Craft book of Constitutions tells us that Ancient Masonry consists of three degrees and including the Holy Royal Arch.

This is a somewhat strange statement bearing in mind that prior to the union of the Two Grand Lodges in 1813; a form of Mark Degree was extensively worked both in London and the Provinces. Indeed there exists a document in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham the last page of which is dated 1756 and reads,

“There being met part of the body of the Lodge they taking in their serious consideration that no member of the said Lodge Shall be made a Mark Mason without paying the fee of one Scots Mark……’. In modern times the Mark Token is given.

Nevertheless in England, the Mark Degree is a separate entity with its own Grand Lodge, which was founded on 23rd June 1856. The first Grand Master was The Rt. Hon. The Lord Leigh, who was at that time the Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire Craft Lodges.  
In other Constitutions throughout the World, the Mark is part of either Craft or Royal Arch Masonry, and a candidate may be given the Mark Degree as soon as he has become a Master Mason, either in the Craft or in the Royal Arch Chapter as a preliminary degree.

There are 24 Mark Lodges in the Province of Somerset and 12 Royal Ark Mariner Lodges, all of which would welcome you into membership.

If you are interested in taking the Fourth Regular step and would like to find more information then please click this 🔗 to be directed to the Somerset Mark Masons pages.

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