Progression to the Masters Chair Seminars

The Progression to the Master Chair seminars are for any Brother that intends to progress towards being a Worshipful Master in their Lodge, the seminar covers the journey from Steward through to a newly installed Master.

What is it for?

To prepare you for the Journey to the Master’s Chair and the time spent during it, letting you know what will be expected of you at your installation and onwards through the year. The evening will include tips on how to make your time go smoothly by preparing you in advance of reaching the rank of Worshipful Master. It covers information on how to conduct yourself in the Lodge and afterwards at the Festive Board, covering the traditions and etiquette to follow, the Do’s and Don’ts and a myriad of other things to make you aware of.

Why Should I attend?

Attending the seminar will give all those who want to progress to the chair every support to enable them to enjoy their time as The Master of the Lodge, and to make it a successful year for the Lodge Members and to ensure that any candidates coming through during your time as Master get the best possible experience in their Ceremonies and at the Festive Board.

For more information regarding the Progression to the Chair Seminars and to register your interest contact the Learning and Development Officer 📧

Next Planned dates are as follows:

Tuesday 15th October 2024 – Bridgwater

Wednesday 29th January 2025 – Keynsham

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