Royal Arch Annual Convocation 2024

The Annual Convocation 2024 will be held on Thursday 16th May 2024. Once again, we are holding this major event at The Webbington Hotel. All Companions, regardless of the colour of their breast jewel and of length of membership, are most welcome. Coffee is available on arrival and Companions are to be seated by 10:45 am for the formal processions.

We will be welcoming visiting Rulers and their teams from many Provinces, as well as from Chapters who meet outside the Province but have a very close association with us.

The highlight of the Convocation will be the investiture of all the Companions who have been appointed or promoted with effect from the Annual Convocation. Click here for the list.

If you are coming to the meeting but NOT staying for lunch, then no need to book. But if you ARE staying for lunch, you must book-in, closing date for which is Friday 19th April 2024. No exceptions! Click the link below for the booking form.

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