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Raised by the Team

Not a week after their first visit, the new Provincial Team return to Clevedon, this time to Raise Bro Jamie Flynn for Gordano Lodge. The chair was taken by the new Assistant Provincial Grand Master Russell Woodland. The active officers took their respectful places. The team carried out the ceremony in fine form with many of the team performing their ‘party pieces’.

Jamie was initiated the previous year in April 2023, he has made the most of his first year in freemasonry, visiting various lodges locally and even over the border in Bristol and Gloucestershire. He is a keen supporter of the Adair Club – Somerset Light Blues and the Somerset Masonic Fishing Charity which supports local SEN Schools, to enjoy the unique experience of Course Fishing in a secure surrounding, supported by Masonic Volunteers and helpers from their schools.

Whilst Jamie is in no hurry to progress to the Worshipful Masters Chair he is keen to help mentor newer brethren coming through, with many, waiting to be Initiated Passed and Raised in Gordano Lodge.

During the ceremony the Provincial Grand Master presented a Grand Lodge Certificate to Jamie the Lodge Assistant Secretary.

The festive board was attended by 60 plus brethren, a 4 – course dinner, the star of the show was Roast Beef – Yorkshire Pudding and all of the usual trimmings.

Report by Worshipful Brother Craig Harding – Provincial Steward, Photos by Bro Les Pickergill Provincial Photographer

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