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Somerset Freemasons Give Queen Camel Community Land Trust Ltd a Hand Up

The Somerset Freemasons Charity recently donated £10,000 to the Queen Camel Community Land Trust Ltd. The aim of the funding is to support the project of relocating the day care centre from one part of the site to another, and will include installation of new disabled facilities, as well as upgrades to the heating and kitchen area. Local trust board members Steve Millard and Rosemary Heath-Coleman spoke of the massive flood surge that swept through that end of the village on the 9th May this year. In fact, Steve was lucky not to be swept away when trying to make his way back to his home during the peak of the flood.

The Deputy Provincial Master for Somerset, Ben Batley and the Provincial Charity Steward, Graham Puddy were on hand to present the cheque. They were accompanied by various members of Masonic Lodges from Bruton, Yeovil and Wincanton, who had also made their own contributions to the flood relief fund. Ben commended the Trustee Board for all of their hard work in getting the repairs underway and wished them well with their endeavours.

Queen Camel Community Land Trust (CLT )is a community benefit society, and purchased the Old School in Queen Camel on the 3rd May 2019. One building is Grade II and was originally a gift to the Village from St. John Mildmay. The CLT has saved this unique property from an uncertain future to provide community facilities and workspaces. The purchase was enabled by a grant from Power to Change and two private loans, and its development is being funded from further grants and a share offer.

Steve and Rosemary showed the group around the Old School Hall and adjacent areas where the flood damage was evident. The flood water was in excess of 2 feet deep, but fortunately receded relatively quickly thus avoiding more serious damage. Rosemary spoke of the assistance needed with the restoration including carpenters, painters and decorators. If there are any tradespersons who would like to assist please contact Rosemary at: You can also check their websites:, or If you would like more information about Freemasonry and its charitable aims then please visit:

Graham Puddy (Provincial Charity Steward), Rosemary Heath-Coleman, Ben Batley (Deputy Provincial Grand Master) and Steve Millard

Members from various Masonic Lodges in the Province of Somerset were on hand for the presentation

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