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Somerset Freemasons Visit New Zealand Lodge in London

A number of Brethren from Yeovil and Watchet Lodges travelled to London, to attend the New Zealand Lodge No 5175 Installation meeting, that was held at Freemasons’ Hall.

The ruling Masters of the Lodge of Brotherly Love No 329 Carl Caswell and Ruling Master of the Progressive Science Lodge No 5007 Mat Goodwin, accompanied by a number of brothers, spent a wonderful afternoon in this Art Deco masterpiece in the heart of London’s West End. The present building, the third Masonic Hall on Great Queen Street, was constructed between 1927 and 1933 as a memorial to those who died in the First World War and was for many years known as the Masonic Peace Memorial. There has been a Masonic building on the site since 1775.

The visitors had a chance to experience the magnificence of the ceremonial areas of Freemasons’ Hall, including the Grand Temple, with its mosaics, organ and stained glass windows. Steve Defries, a Grand Officer and an active member of the Lodge of Brotherly Love, helped visitors from Yeovil to learn some of the 300-years of history of Freemasonry while visiting Freemason’s Hall. After visiting the Museum of Freemasonry and appreciating its exhibition, the Somerset Freemasons attended the Installation of the new Ruling Master John Taylor of New Zealand Lodge.

It was a wonderful ceremony followed by an unforgettable and unique festive board with unique Maori elements, that were added to by Chris Waterhouse performing a traditional Maori Haka to the new Master. Chris is a proud New Zealander and active Somerset Mason.

By Bro Audrius Venteraitis, LCO, Brother Love, No 329

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