Lodges meeting in Yeovil

Four Lodges meet at The Masonic Hall, Hendford, Yeovil BA20 1TQ

Members of the Lodge of Brotherly Love organised the construction of the purpose built Yeovil Masonic Hall in 1894, which was significantly extended by all the Yeovil Lodges in 1996 providing excellent facilities for all who use the building.

Disabled Access: Difficult; access to building by 14 steep steps. There is a lift and stairs for access to the temple. Toilets on ground floor

Approaching from East A30 & North A37 etc. – avoid town centre – continue towards A37 South then, joining with other routes from West A30, A303 and A3088, at R/Abt (Coopers Mill (PH)/Railway Inn), follow signs to Town Centre and Octagon Theatre along Hendford. MH is opposite Manor Hotel, large PCP at rear.

Yeovil Masonic Veterans Lunch Meetings

This initiative set up so enthusiastically by the late W Bro Tony Robins, was well supported and was too good and too valuable a gathering for us to let it slip away or lapse.

The date of the next meeting at the Bell Inn, 207 Preston Rd, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 2EW, will be found in the “Future Events” item on the home page. All Masons are welcome together with wives, partners, family and friends to join this informal get together. Brethren of all the Yeovil Lodges are cordially invited to drop in for a coffee or beer and a chat, maybe lunch. The Bell has an excellent and wide menu with meals for all tastes and prices.

For more details or if you need help with transport please contact Mike Waterman

Lodge of Brotherly Love No 329

Meets on the Wednesday on or before the Full Moon except Jan
Months – Jan (2nd Wednesday at 17:00 Installation), Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec

Formed in 1810 in the village of Martock, the Lodge moved into Yeovil in 1820. Brotherly Love has sponsored three Daughter Lodges in the Province, namely Parrett & Axe Lodge 814 at Crewkerne in 1860, Progressive Science Lodge No 5007 in 1928 and Corinthian Pillar Lodge No 7552 in 1957 both at Yeovil. It was also one of the Lodges responsible for sponsoring the move of Royal Naval Lodge 2761 from Malta to Yeovil in 1985, and which subsequently joined the Province of Somerset in 1987.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: John Pinder

Royal Naval Lodge No 2761

Meets at 18:00 on the second Friday
Months – Feb, Apr, Sep, Oct and Dec (Installation 17:00)

Warranted in 1899, the Lodge was consecrated on the island of Malta. The Royal Naval Lodge transferred to the Province of Somerset on January 2nd 1987.

The lodge has its roots firmly established in Naval traditions, aptly demonstrated with the original meeting place being at 27 Starda Stretta or more infamously known as the “Gut”.

The first By – laws state the Lodge was formed “especially for brethren of the Naval Services, namely those of or above Chief Petty Officer or equivalent”. There have been many changes since then, but the spirit of the lodge definition remains the same: good men and true who you would be happy to call shipmate.

Today, the lodge members consist of brethren from all threes services, both ex and serving members of all ranks, along with a wide selection of brethren who have no connection with the armed services, but wanted to join a lodge with a strong spirit of comradeship, long traditions and to be among brethren they would be happy to call shipmate.

If you would like to find out more about the Royal Naval Lodge or Masonry in general please do not hesitate to contact our secretary.


Contact the Lodge Secretary: Scott Gibbons

Link to Web Site

Progressive Science Lodge No 5007

Meets on the first Tuesday at 18:30 except as below
Months – Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct(Installation 17:15), Nov (18:30) and Dec(18:00)

The Lodge Banner depicts Yeovil’s two main industries at the time the Lodge came into existence and these are represented by a white glove and a pair of wings. From the 14th century Yeovil had been the centre of the glove making industry with an estimated three million pairs being produced in the 1830s, (although this industry has since disappeared). The wings represent the aeronautical and associated engineering companies which are now Yeovil’s main industries. The motto of the Lodge is ‘Industria Manus’ and refers to the hand work associated with both of these industries

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Peter Fell

Corinthian Pillar Lodge No 7552

Meets at 18.30 except as below; on the third Friday
Months – Jan, Feb, Mar (Installation 17:00), Apr, Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec (17:30)

A meeting of six Master Masons called together by W Bro Harold Haynes met at the Westminster Bank (Yeovil) on Monday 25th March 1957, when it was felt that Yeovil was growing sufficiently to justify the formation of a third Lodge, a petition for the formation of Corinthian Pillar Lodge was submitted in June, leading in turn to the consecration of the Lodge on 8th November 1957 at the Yeovil Temple

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Alan Holton

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