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Gordano and Jon De Clivedon Lodges have a lot on their plate

Gordano and Jon De Clivedon Lodges from Clevedon, held a joint social Fish and Chips Supper at Sea-Rock Restaurant in Portishead recently.

30 diners attended with wives, partners, family and friends joining Brethren from both Lodges.

Reportedly, the food was wonderful, from simple battered sausage and chips to “half a whale” (the large Haddock) with crispy beer batter and a mountain of chips!

Apparently, wine and beer flowed freely too and everyone had a wonderful time.

A jolly social evening was had by all, thanks to Howard Ford, the brilliant secretary from JDC, who took the lead in organising a top night.

The next Social will be on the 10th June when all will be welcome to attend, especially if you fancy joining Freemasonry!

If you would like to know more about becoming a Freemason do contact Gordano Lodge at gordano.lodge@gmail.com or click on this link, enter your details and someone will get back to you.

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