Lodges meeting in Nailsea

Eight Lodges meet at the The Masonic Hall, Nailsea BS48 1BA

Originally procured by the newly formed Tyntesfield Lodge in 1922, the building was extended in 1935 before being requisitioned by the War Office in 1940. Following the War, membership continued to grow and Tyntsefield transferred ownership of the Hall to the Nailsea Masonic Hall Company in 1963 who have carried out extensive refurbishment, extension and renovation over recent years.

Marine Lodge No 232

Meets at 10:00 on the first Saturday except April. Months – Mar, Apr (last Saturday), Sep and Nov (Installation)

Lodge Marine was Constituted in Calcutta in 1801, transferring to Portishead in 1975. Following Portishead Masonic Hall’s Closure the Lodge moved to it’s latest residence at Nailsea in 2001

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Mike Barfoot-Franks

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Severn Lodge No 4399

Meets at 15:15 on the fourth Saturday except May, when it is the third Saturday at 15:00
Months -Jan, Mar, May (Installation 15:00 on the third Saturday), Jul, Sep and Nov

Warranted in 1922, the Lodge was formed largely from members of Eldon Lodge, (who previously met in Portishead, but have now moved to Clevedon). The Latin motto at the top of the Banner reads “Pieux Quoique Preux” and may be translated as “Pious yet Courageous”

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Philip du Kamp

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Tyntesfield Lodge No 4494

Meets at 18:45 except April, on the first Tuesday
Months – Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr (Installation 17:30), May, Oct, Nov and Dec

The Lodge was Warranted in 1922. The Lodge Banner bears the Arms of “Gibbs of Tyntesfield in the County of Somerset and Clyst, St.George in the County of Devon” and “Gibbs of Clifton Hampden Oxfordshire”. The Motto ” Tenax Propositi” translates to “Firm of Purpose”

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Colin Fraser

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Estune Lodge No 6817

Meets at 18:45 except September on the third Tuesday
Months – Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Sep (installation 17:30), Oct, Nov & Dec

Estune Lodge was founded in May 1949, when the founding members adopted the name of what the Anglo-Saxon people used for what we now know as Long Ashton – ‘Estune’.
On average 60 – 70 members attend meetings. These are of all ages, young and old, and from widely diverse backgrounds and interests. Generally members live in Somerset and Bristol, but some live much further afield.
The lodge activities cover far more than only formal meetings. Members have a popular calendar of social and charitable events, sharing enjoyment and fellowship with friends and partners – all in line with Masonic principles. If you would like to join the lodge, please contact the secretary.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Michael Price

Visit Our provincial page here:

visit our Facebook Page:

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Backwell Lodge No 7964

Meets at 18:45 except April, on the Friday after the third Tuesday. (Friday 25 April 2014)
Months – Feb, Apr (Installation 17:30), Oct, and Nov

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Adam Wring

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Wraxall Lodge No 9011

Meets at 18:45 on the first Friday except as below
Months – Jan (second Friday), Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Oct, Nov (Installation 17:30) and Dec

Wraxall Lodge No 9011 meets in Nailsea Masonic Hall on the first Friday in the month, the exceptions being Jan – July – Aug – Sept.   Wraxall Lodge was consecrated in 1981, mainly as an alternative lodge to the many larger lodges already meeting at Nailsea to facilitate new members held on waiting lists for the already established lodges. 

The lodge is made up mainly of self employed businessmen, with an age group from early thirties through to our eldest member of 97, (who still performs ritual), there is no common theme running through the lodge, like a Navel/Emergency Services Lodge for example, but what you will find in joining Wraxall is a great cross section of members of the community which allowed for interesting and diverse conversation especially at our festive boards, which are always a fun and lively affair.

One of our selling points is that by being a lodge that meets on a Friday, it gives members the opportunity to plan their full weeks business, and the benefit of having the weekend to recover from the toils of the night, (and an extra glass of wine at the Festive Board)

Our Lodge Mentor provides support and advice to both the Proposing member and his Candidate, and of course we would be very much onboard to welcome any future prospective candidates.

If you would like more information on joining Wraxall Lodge 9011 contact our lodge secretary on the link below.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Steve Chapman

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Olympian Lodge No 9703

Meets at 18:45 except as below on the second Friday
Months – Feb (Installation 18:00), Jun, Sep and Nov

Based initially at Portishead, then Clevedon and now Nailsea, Olympian Loge was the first Lodge in England to be Consecrated in the new Millennium on January 8th 2000. Formed primarily for those with sporting connections the Lodge boasts many fine athletes amongst it’s members.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: David Mason

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Sir Isaac Newton Lodge No 9801

Meets at at 11.00 on the fourth Thursday
Months – Jan, Apr, Oct (Installation 10:30), Nov

Somerset’s newest Craft Lodge, Constituted in 2005. Sir Isaac Newton Lodge is a midweek, daytime Lodge where Members can enjoy the Festive Board at Midday and return to their homes during daylight hours. This format appeals to retired Brethren from a wide catchment area. It is also an objective of the Lodge to involve our Ladies and families in selected activities so that Members Masonic activities are better integrated into their wider lives. vLadies are invited to join us at our Festive Board except when we conduct Installations and Initiations and to our other Social events through the year, to which they respond with enthusiasm.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Bill Hillis

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Disabled Access: Lift between ground floor and temple, ramp at front entrance

From Bristol take the A370 towards Weston-Super-Mare to Backwell; turn right at 1st set Traffic Lights along Station Road towards Nailsea for approx. 2 miles; This then becomes Nailsea Park which is split into two areas the last turning on left, takes you into a Cul- de-sac which is part of Nailsea Park. Take the left turning in the cul-de-sac and The Masonic Hall is on the right, (behind housing)

From Junction 21 M5, take A370 towards Bristol to Backwell, turn left at 2nd set Traffic lights into Station Road towards Nailsea for approx. 2 miles, then follow instructions as above

Post Code: BS48 1BA

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