Lodges meeting in Frome

Two Lodges meet at The Masonic Hall, North Parade, Frome BA11 1AU

Built at a total cost of £1500 by the Brethren of Royal Somerset Lodge in the late 1880s, Frome Masonic Hall was consecrated on October 13th 1891 by the then Provincial Grand Master, Viscount Dungarvan. The photograph shows the Frome Museum which sits directly opposite the main entrance to the Masonic Hall.

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Royal Somerset Lodge No 973

Meets at 18:30 except October on the second Thursday.
Months – Jan, Feb, Apr, May, Jun, Oct (Installation 17:00), and Dec

The Royal Somerset Lodge, No.973, the oldest Masonic Lodge in Frome. The Lodge dates back to 1863 and has a long and distinguished history. The members of the lodge had to wait nearly 30 years until they were able to build their own Masonic hall in North Parade, Frome. 

The Lodge today has changed in so many ways from those early days with many younger members actively involved in bringing Freemasonry into the 21st Century. 

The emphasis on working for the community is uppermost in the lodges objectives and fits well into the brethren’s desire to help others less fortunate than themselves. 

The lodge meets 7 times a year on the second Thursday of Jan, Feb, April, May, June, Oct & Dec. It also enjoys many outside activities where partners can become involved. The ladies even have their own nights out.

We welcome all men aged 21 years and upwards who wish to join our vibrant lodge and begin a journey that impresses on them the four key values of Integrity, respect Friendship and Charity. We do encourage members and their families to be involved in the many social activities within the lodge, and also in events in which we support the community of Frome

Please make contact by e mailing our Secretary on the link below or telephone him on 07966107094. 

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Richard Dredge

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Forest of Selwood Lodge No 8912

Meets at – The Masonic Hall, North Parade, Frome BA11 1AU on the third Thursday at 18.30 except as below.
Months – Mar (Installation 17:30), May (third Wednesday), Sep, Nov, and Feb (first Wednesday)

The timber from Selwood Forest that covered some 20,000 Acres extended from what we now call Braydon Forest (nr Cricklade) in the very north of Wiltshire to Blackmoor Vale in north Dorset, and straddled the Wiltshire/Somerset border in between. Oaks and other timber were used for many great works of Charity and were dragged out of the woods on the order of the Lord of the Manor for the Building and repair of religious houses and hospitals set aside for the care of the sick and the homeless.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: David Lyons

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From Market Place (in centre of town) take A361 (Bath); on right 35m from Town Bridge, PCP in North Parade (90m above MH) 100 cars

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