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Royal and Select Masters Grand Meeting

On Tuesday 16th April a number of Companions of the District of Somerset and Wiltshire attended the Grand Royal and Select Masters meeting at Great Queen Street. Geoffrey Ifill and Ian Rea (not pictured) received their Grand Collars. They were accompanied by a good number of the Companions of the District and a thoroughly good time was had by all.

Pictured are:

Ill. Comp. Kieran Hughes, Ill. Comp. Mark Bajona, Ill. Comp. Alan Thompson (Deputy District Grand Master), R. Ill. Comp. Keith Surry (District Grand Master), Ill. Comp. Geoffrey Ifill, Ill. Comp. Julian Frost (District Principal Conductor of the Work), Comp. John Nicholas, Ill. Comp. Richard Cooper.

Foreground, R. Ill. Comp. Rufus Grand Chancellor of the Kennels.

Single picture: Ill. Comp. Geoffrey Ifill

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