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Amulet Conclave bring in two new candidates

Friday 31st May proved to be a great evening for Amulet Conclave in the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine in the Division of Somerset and Bristol, by bringing two candidates into the Conclave, in the shape of David Rayner and Derek Nyenhuis, both proposed by Julian Frost.

The Most Puissant Sovereign, Ted Toon, performed an excellent ceremony, parts of which were conducted on an individual basis. John Housden delivered an excellent Oration. The two candidates, together with the other Knights, enjoyed an excellent festive board. Both candidates said how much they enjoyed the ceremony and the whole evening. 

The meeting also saw the presence of a number of ‘Heads of Orders’!

In the photograph are: Trevor Cooper (Conclave Marshal, also PGM of the Royal Order of Scotland for Somerset), Andy Clapp (Divisional Junior General, also Provincial Grand Preceptor in the Order of St Thomas of Acon for Wessex), David Rayner (Candidate), Ted Toon (Most Puissant Sovereign), Mark Bajona (Eminent Viceroy) plus Rufus, Derek Nyenhuis (Candidate), Julian Frost (Conclave Deputy Marshal, Deputy Intendant General of the Division, also Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler in the Order of the Secret Monitor for Somerset), Kieran Hughes (Conclave Standard Bearer, also Chief Adept in Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia for Western Counties).

The Conclave has two more candidates lined up for its future ceremonies!”

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