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John is installed as the new Ruler in Taunton

Thursday ( 8th May) saw the Installation of Wy Bro John Housden into the Chair of Secundum Artem Conclave 379 in the Order of the Secret Monitor, meeting at Taunton. V. Wy. Bro. Chris Court Installed Wy Bro John in a most sincere fashion and R Wy Bro Julian Frost Commissioned him as a Supreme Ruler in the Order (a part of the Installation Ceremony unique to the OSM). Wy Bro John then invested his Officers for the year and subsequently he gave the Address to the Visiting Deacons and the Address to the Officers.

The Brethren enjoyed an excellent Festive Board as always provided by Karen at Taunton.

This Secret Monitor Conclave is looking for a candidate for their September Ceremony, if you are interested in joining please make contact with us. Details as per the Somerset Reference Book.

Pictured are: The Brethren who attended the meeting.

Wy. Bro. John Tossell, R. Wy. Bro. Trevor Cooper Past PGSR, R. Wy. Bro. Julian Frost PGSR, Wy. Bro. John Housden, V. Wy. Bro. Chris Court, V. Wy. Bro. John Phillips, Wy. Bro. Mark Bajona. In the background Bro. Barry Renwick. In the foreground Bro. Rufus.

R. Wy. Bro. Julian Frost, Wy. Bro. John Housden”

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