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A New Companion for St Keyna

St Keyna Chapter in Keynsham have Exalted another Brother into the Royal Arch.

Brother Mark Knight of Wraxall Lodge became Companion Knight at what was an extremely busy evening.

The Exaltation Ceremony went very smoothly with what could be the last time using the current Ritual.

Mark was a very attentive candidate, saying that he enjoyed the whole experience and is keen to learn more.

Companion Mark is pictured with the three Principals and the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Ray Guthrie:

The same evening, Excellent Companion Adrian Jones received his 50-year certificate in the Royal Arch:

Another reason for the presence of MEGS and some of his team, was to present the Membership Challenge, which was very enlightening and thought provoking.

Taking the Chapter back to 2013 when they had 48 members and bringing them up to date, showing a net loss of 9 over those 10 years. These figures and the fact that they will no doubt be moving over to the new ‘Savage Club’ workings in November this year will spur them on to formulate their membership team and Exalt even more Master Masons into this wonderful Chapter.

High praise indeed went to their Royal Arch representative, Excellent Companion Alan Thompson, for through his hard work and dedication they have Exalted 21 in that same 10 year period.

They all look forward to their Installation meeting on Thursday 9th May 2024 starting at 18:30 when all Companions are invited to witness the changing of the ‘guard’ – well some of them anyway!

To book your place contact their Scribe E: barry.mccormack@talktalk.net

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