Calderley Chapter’s March 2024 Meeting

On 4th March we were in Clevedon for the Installation Meeting. A goodly number attended. E Comp Chris Summers, MEZ, opened the Chapter with the other Principals, E Comp Martin Slocombe, H, and Julian May, J. He then welcomed E Comp David Parslow, Past 3rd Principal, Representing MEGS who was holidaying in the Canaries.

A Eulogy for E Comp Stanley Hopkins was given by E Comp David Jenkins, both Past Provincial Grand Masters. David had been able to give a full reflection on E Comp Stanley.
The Minutes of the last meeting were approved and the Accounts also.

Two Joining Members were welcomed into the Chapter, E Comps Bob Nicholls, PPGStdB, and Charlie Barker, ProvGScE.

E Comps Maldwyn Davies, DC, Bob Nicholls and Charlie Barker our new members

Next item was to Install the new three Principals, E Comps Martin Slocombe, MEZ, Julian May, H, and Adrian Halliwell as J. Once appointed the Officers were appointed. E Comp David Parslow then gave the Address to the Principals.

E Comps Julian May, H, Martin Slocombe, MEZ, and Adrian Halliwell, J.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp Neil Hurcum was given the floor to conduct a discussion on the thoughts of those present regarding the ritual: could it be read? How could more companions take part in the ceremonies? Many companions expressed their thoughts on those subjects, which had varying results. I think that the reading of the ritual throughout opposed this but reading considered as a last resort.

E Comp Neil also informed those present that there would be no Rulers at Installations, their places would be taken by Holders of Supreme Grand Chapter in Somerset.
Secretaries of Craft Lodges have been instructed/asked to include a report from the RA Reps at each meeting!

This being complete the Chapter was closed in due form and companions retire downstairs for the Festive Board.
Next Regular Convocation will be at Wedmore on 19th September 2024

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