Athelstan Lodge 9033

Meeting at – The Masonic Hall, Tivoli Lane, Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, BS232NR.

At 1830hrs on the first Friday in – Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep (Installation at 1700hrs), Oct, Nov, Dec (Christmas Family Festive Board). COI – 2nd Wed – Advisory Committee and Rehearsals – 4th Wed – Affiliated HRA Chapter – King Alfred Chapter 3169

The Brethren of Athelstan Lodge 9033, extend to all who wish to be a part of our lodge and masonic family a warm and fraternal greeting. The Lodge was consecrated on the 3rd September 1982 and formed from members of King Alfred Lodge 3169, our lodge was named in honour of King Athelstan, the first King of England and grandson of King Alfred. As a small, friendly, and dedicated lodge, we thrive in providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all brethren, both visiting and resident. Our aim is to promote the values of Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Charity. These are the core principles of Freemasonry. We are proud to uphold the many traditions of freemasonry and perform our ceremonies based on the MM Taylors’ Ritual Book of Freemasonry. We are the only Lodge in the Province of Somerset that has adopted this ritual. We enjoy showing our guests a unique difference to that which they have seen before.

Do you know what the symbols under ‘TAYLORS’ are?

We run an informal social gathering that we have named “The Taylors Club”. This meets roughly every 3 months on a Friday, for a meal and friendly chat, at various venues in W-S-M and the surrounding area. The Taylors Club is free to join and is not exclusive to freemasons. It is open to anyone who would like to meet with us, so is also an ideal opportunity for anyone wishing to join freemasonry, to meet the members of Athelstan Lodge in an informal environment. If you are interested in learning more about joining Athelstan Lodge 9033, The Taylors Club or if you are a freemason and you would like to attend a meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact our Secretary, Justin Pursey, athsec9033@gmail.com

Join us in our commitment to the ancient And honourable fraternity of Freemasonry, and be a part of the brotherhood of Athelstan Lodge 9033.

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