Margaret celebrates 100th Birthday at Taunton Masonic Hall

Taunton Masonic Hall Celebrates the 100th Birthday of Mrs Margret May with Family Friends and fellow members of the Taunton SMFA (Somerset Masonic Friendship Association) who joined in with her celebration.

Margret was married to Noel May, a respected member of The Lodge of St George in Taunton who passed to the grand lodge above on the 24th September 1998. His Brother Peter May was also a member of The Lodge of St George. 

In the Taunton Masonic Hall there are 2 chairs one to the Left of the Masters Chair Donated by Peter May and one to the right of the Masters Chair Donated by Margret May in memory of her beloved Husband, Noel, both of the chairs are used constantly in all our craft and other meetings of which we are all thankful for.

So, let’s all take this opportunity to wish Margret May a Very Happy 100th Year with continued good health. 

Article by Peter Russell – SMFA Coordinator.

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