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Old Mother Hubbard

As the nursery rhyme goes, “went to the cupboard …… and when she got there, the cupboard was bare!”

Now there is a thought as we prepare for an over-indulgent Christmas.

However, help is at hand provided by an appropriately named charity, Mercy In Action “taking action against poverty, injustice and inequality, to see children and families thrive”.

With assistance gratefully received from Somerset Provincial Chapter, adding 50% to the amount raised by the Companions of Royal Cumberland Chapter, a total of £375 was presented recently, which will be used to buy staples from a wholesaler, to supplement the food parcels that they provide weekly via the Action Pantry in Twerton.

Particularly significant over the Christmas period, helping to alleviate the despair those struggling families would otherwise feel over their not so festive holiday.

Allison Todd, the CEO and Founder of Mercy in Action, is pictured receiving a cheque from Companion Neil, the Second Principal of the Chapter. Also pictured is Companion David, the Treasurer.

Both Neil and David were heavily involved in, and key to the success of, the Square Meals Project in 2020 and 2021, coming to the aid of Mercy in Action during that desperate time.

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