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Somerset Masters receive talk about St John Ambulance.

At their recent meeting the members of Somerset Masters Lodge, received a presentation from a PastProv Grand Master Stuart Hadler, about the history and service provided by the St John Ambulance over the years, and how it has evolved. Also how much help has been provided by donations from Freemasons, particularly the Order of the Knights Templar, who support the eye hospital in Jerusalem, and have done so for many years.

Stuart over his years in the St John Service, showing how the uniform has changed – of course he hasn’t!

If you want to know more about the St John Ambulance please click here also to know about Stuarts life after being a PGM please click here

The meeting was also honoured by the attendance of David Medlock the Asst Grand Master and Ray Guthrie the Prov Grand Master, as well as many other Grand Officers and Provincial Grand Officers.

L-R David Medlock, Martin Slocombe WM, Stuart Hadler and Ray Guthrie

Somerset Masters only meets twice a year and is also a peripatetic Lodge as it meets in Masonic Halls across the Province of Somerset, This time at Taunton with the usual excellent dining prepared there.

Any past master from any Lodge in any Province is more than welcome to join, the meetings are very relaxed with a talk or presentation rather than ritual taking place, you also sometimes get to witness some unusual forms of closing! If you are interested in joining please contact the Lodge Secretary Steve Chapman at steve.r.chapman@hotmail.com

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