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St Keyna Chapter host a Quadripartite Meeting

St. Keyna Chapter, has had the honour of hosting the Quadripartite Meeting, at its home in the Keynsham Masonic Centre.

The meeting began with the procession of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset, Ray Guthrie, into the Lodge Room, accompanied by the Provincial Team. Having been welcomed, he accepted the Sceptre and began to explain the purpose of the visit.

Then followed the procession of the equivalent Heads in and over the Provinces of Wiltshire, Dorset, and Hampshire & The Isle of Wight.

St. Keyna chapter and the Keynsham centre had not seen this truly magnificent spectacle before, and the evening was only just beginning.

The most important aspect of the evening was to Exalt a new Companion into St. Keyna Chapter, one Brother Christopher Taylor, a Master Mason of the Vale of Brislington Lodge.

Another first was in store, as the Provincial Team conducted the Exaltation Ceremony using Savage Club Workings, which had been trialed at the Calderley Chapter of Union earlier in September.

The Exaltation was very much streamlined and flowed far better as the Candidate remained in the room the whole time.

The Third Provincial Grand Principal, David Maddern also presented a Grand Chapter Certificate to our previous Exaltee, Companion Dan Wilton.

The Provincial Team then retired in procession:

to enjoy a famous Keynsham Buffet in the dining room, which was full to capacity. The enjoyment was plain to see and hear, as all were smiling, laughing and enjoying good company and conversation.

What next for St. Keyna Chapter?

Another Exaltation on Thursday 9th November, to which all are invited.

Contact barry.mccormack@talktalk.net to book your place.

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