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Adair Club “Somerset – Light Blues” Visit to Amsterdam

The network of the “Light Blues” clubs in England has been growing in strength since the start of the movement in 2014. Freemasonry has for along time had international connections all over the world. An opportunity was seized recently by the Adair Club (The Somerset Light Blues) to build a relationship between the England Light Blues and their Brethren overseas,

At the beginning of September 2023, 15 new and young Freemasons, representing three “Light Blue” clubs went on tour to Amsterdam, to visit Amsterdam Lodge no.312, which is one of only two english speaking Lodges in the Netherlands, with over 30 nationalities represented, it truly was an international event! The trip was organised by Craig Harding.

They saw a double initiation ceremony with two exceptional candidates and they have over 50 waiting to join – Freemasonry definitely growing there.

Amsterdam Lodge No.312 was consecrated in 2021, under the Grand Eastern Order of the Netherlands, staring with over 80 members, is one of the fastest growing Lodges in Holland. during the meeting Luke O’Connel received a standing Ovation for all is hard work and dedication in setting up the Lodge.

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