SMFA Taunton Branch enjoy a hearty breakfast

On 5th July, 19 members of the Taunton Branch enjoyed a hearty breakfast at the newly refurbished Blue Diamond Greenhouse kitchen.  Peter Gibbs of Richard Huish lodge was surprised how the old Blackdown Nursery had changed since he and his wife Ann last visited.  Associate Leader Lynn Evans had spent time with manager Ellie Robinson who wanted to make sure that everything ran smoothly.  Pre-ordering was certainly the way to go as this is a very popular eating venue and everyone was served quickly without having to queue.  Lynn is grateful to the lodges of Taunton Masonic Hall who have made outings like this a possibility, with their kind donations.  After breakfast the group moved outside where they had a game of Heads and Tails.  Joan Town was the “last man standing” and won a bar of shampoo made by the daughter of Mary Villis, a member who sadly is no longer able to join them for outings, but does enjoy a home visit.

Their August outing will probably be to Sidmouth and everyone will be welcome to join them.

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