W.Bro Clive Mathews is Made an Honorary Member,

W.Bro Clive Mathews was recently honoured at our February meeting by being made an honorary Member, below is a brief history of his masonic Career so far and his long service with Gordano Lodge.

Clive was Initiated 1984, WM twice in Gordano Lodge, 1997/8 1998/9, He achieved the Rank of PPrJGW,

He was our Secretary 5 years, and Treasurer 13 years. As Treasurer, he had taken the lodge from a very poor financial state to the present healthy financial situation we are in today.

He was deeply involved in trying to keep Gordano Lodge in Portishead when the Portishead Temple closed. He liaised with Clarence House to take the lodge there, and was involved in alterations to the building to accommodate the lodge. 

The lodge continued to meet at Clarence House for several years before moving to Clevedon via Yatton. He was involved in each of these moves to ensure the continued smooth running of the lodge.

Clive is very keen on maintaining Gordano traditions, and will speak with up to keep them.

He has worked hard on keeping the lodge going and relevant during the long quiet spell of the past few years, Clive is a keen supporter of the recent new revival of the lodge fortunes.

For his long service and dedication to Gordano Lodge it was unanimously voted by the Gordano Brethren to make him an honorary Member and long may he continue to be a highly valued member of this wonderful lodge.

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