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A Plethora of Membership, Mentors and Comms meet at the Webbington.

On Wednesday 22nd February members of the Provincial Membership, Mentoring and Communications Teams, accompanied by Ray, Ben, Richard and Tony from the Executive. The meeting was led by Martin Slocombe detailing how we should all work together in the attraction, retention and mentoring new members.

Excellent presentations were given by Martin and Russ Woodland on the Members Pathway, Andy Baird from the Comms team, Barrie Palmer Membership, David Flack Mentoring, Ray Conneely Learning and Development, Andy Wade IT & Social Media, with Ray Guthrie ending a very useful meeting.

Also present were Adrian Robson the Provincial Almoner and Graham Puddy Provincial Charity Steward as as Keith Baker the Provincial Promotions Coordinator.

The presentations focused on increasing and retaining membership as well as all three teams working together in a united fashion to promote our excellent institution.

Refresher Member Pathway Presentations will start again soon, as well as new member meetings organised by David Flack.

Everyone was also reminded the importance of Lodge Membership Officers and Mentors as well as effective Lodge Communication Officers, and that everyone is a recruiter and should look for candidates that would suit their Lodges.

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