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Merry Christmas from Eldon Lodge

The December meeting of Eldon lodge is always especially good fun, with some Christmas spirit mixed in with the lodge meeting and festive board, and as can be seen in the photos below this year was no exception. Brethren and visitors were enthralled by a near perfect demonstration of an initiation, during which Mike Norton gave a work perfect rendition of the NW charity charge. We then retired down to the festive board, watched a little football, and left in time to be home to watch the England France game. If every meeting in every lodge was this good eh 🙂

If you have ever considered joining a Saturday lodge, then Eldon is highly recommended. The lodge meets 5 times a year on Saturday afternoons, and annual subs are just £120.00, which is inclusive of festive board (dining) fees. For more details, please contact the Lodge Secretary: Dave Gleeson or visit they webpage

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