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Athelstan Lodge Hold a Double Social Event.

On Saturday 7th May Athelstan Lodge finally got to have their Ladies Night, two years from when it was actually planned. WM Simon Shuker decided to maintain the original theme of VE Day celebrations, many attendees claimed they could still fit into the fancy dress and had a wonderful evening. The early music was 40s style from the Thornbury Swing Band, the later louder music was provided by the Frogs, in order to dance the night away.

The inaugural meeting of the “Taylors Club” took place at a local curry house in Western super Mare, a convivial evening was enjoyed by all. Athelstan Lodge is the only Lodge in the Province of Somerset who practice the Taylors working. It is hoped the new Taylors Club will meet every two months or so, to enjoy good food and company and to enhance their further knowledge of Taylors working. The club is open to Masons and non Masons alike – if you or anyone you know would like to attend please contact Justin Pursey – pursey51@gmail.com

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