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Mike’s Review of Day 3

Stage 3 Frome to Brigwater of the Tour de Temples has been completed and the SMCA cycling team have had a fantastic day. The welcome from the lodges today was exceptional with donations and support coming in from everyone we visited to which we are all internally grateful for🙏

After a tough day yesterday there were a few tired legs and faces this morning but the spirit was surprisingly good from the team this morning. After a hearty breakfast we set off from the Hotel to our first lodge at Frome, which luckily was down the hill and only 500 metres away. We received a fantastic reception there and stayed and chatted for about 30 mins and also did our warm up exercises 👌. We then made our way to Midsomer Norton mainly along the scenic cycle path via Radstock and after yesterday’s elevation it was like a ride in the park.

Arriving in Midsomer Norton to a marvellous reception we were treated to cakes and tea and cookies and a warm Masonic friendship. The weather was kind to us and again was warm and dry our next stop was the Cathedral City of Wells, where we were met by Jeremy Helliwell, the Provincial Grand Orator, with a cheque and some tasty flap jack to share.👍

We left Wells at about 11.30 along with a parking ticket oops😱. The next stop was Glastonbury, and we used the main A39 for a lovely flat ride. I am sorry to the traffic who were stuck behind our Peloton (it was for charity after all) 😉. We received another amazing masonic welcome and delightful homemade cupcakes with cycling motifs on and other yummy treats.

On to Wedmore next and after a flat ride through Mere we had a tough hill to climb before the down hill into Wedmore, but the views were stunning at the top and the welcome and spread laid out for us at the bottom was amazing. Those Ham and mustard sandwiches were simply awesome. 👍😘.

On to the longest leg of the day which was the last stop in Bridgwater, where it seemed the welcome party had been going on all day. The place was buzzing and the cider flowed, well it did for me anyway.

The mileage today was just over 80km with just over 500 meters of climb and 6 masonic centres visited. Donations in their hundreds were gratefully received and we received a truly wonderful Masonic welcome where ever we went. It means a lot to us that so many Freemasons and their families have been supporting us.

We are all really looking forward to the final stage tomorrow and finishing in Bath.

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