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SFMA Coffee morning

North west area of the SMFA held a succesful Coffee Morning on Friday 11th March at 10.30 in Nailsea Masonic Hall organised by W.Bro. Peter Harris.
Guest speaker was Jordan Coates, Fraud Protection Officer from Avon and Somerset Police.
About twenty five people attended, Masons and Widows, slighly down on expected numbers as a Covid outbreak culled some of our members who had been to another fuction a couple of days earlier. We send best wishes for an early recovery.
Jordan gave an excellent presentation not only informing us of the latest scams and frauds, but explaining how they are run. Did you know, for example, in some countries it is not illegal to ring people up and offer “friendship” and “companionship” and then ask for money? When challenged, they refuse to call you “victims” but call you “clients” instead.
If you are suspicious, Take FIVE minutes, think about it, (is it to good to be true), and then call someone else to discuss it. Family, neighbour, Lodge Almoner, it doesn’t matter, get a second opinion. Make no commitment over the telephone, hang up.
Do Not press any buttons.
Do Not ring back on a number you are given.
Do Not give Bank details or PIN numbers.
Do not give family details
It is not your fault if you are scammed, you are a victim of crime.
Do Not be a victim.
Do Not engage tradesmen who knock on your door.
Do Not panic. Ring someone you trust and discuss your concerns.

You are not being foolish, you are being wise.
Following the presentation, Jordan took a wide range of questions all of which she answered.
We then thanked her for her time, and the caterers for the tea and bikkies.
If any other Masonic hall would like to give this presentation, please contact Brian Clayton Gordano Lodge Almoner, details in the Blue Book under Gordano.

Stay safe and well, look after one another.

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