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We’re Back! Provincial AGM held at Webbington Hotel

The 2021 / 2022 Provincial team

The Holy Royal Arch at the Provincal Grand Lodge Meeting

At this years meeting, the PGM was pleased to welcome E Comp Clive Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent in Charge, and his team, who hosted a table to bring news and information to companions and potential companions alike.

As you can see, Clive was ably assisted by Prov Grand Principals, Grand officers, and companions.

This is in support of an ongoing initiative to strengthen the links between the craft and the Holy Royal arch.

The meeting

The Webbington Hotel & Country Club was the venue for the long awaited PGL Meeting 2021 held on October 14th.
Over 400 brethren were seated in the converted Ballroom to see the Provincial Grand Master, David Medlock enter in procession and open the PGL in due form.

The PGM was saluted with five and welcomed his distinguished guests. The roll of Lodges was called and the attendance of the Provincial Grand Officers confirmed. The Brethren then stood in memory of those who had passed away since the Provincial Meeting held in April 2019.

The minutes of the Provincial Grand Lodge held at Clevedon on October 15th 2020 were confirmed and the Treasurers report and accounts for the year ended September 30th 2020 approved with grateful thanks to the Keith Surry who was re-elected Treasurer.  

David then confirmed the re-appointment of Ben Batley as DPGM and Martin Slocombe as APGM.

He then announced the appointment of Richard Winter as Assistant Provincial Grand Master. Richard was escorted into the Lodge, appointed, invested and saluted with five. 

The PGM then appointed and invested the Provincial Grand Officers for the ensuing year. Keith Baker (Birnbeck 7160) was appointed Provincial Grand Senior Warden and Andy Wade (Tennyson 4947) Provincial Grand Junior Warden.

There were two additional Collars introduced by UGLE this year – Nick Wright (Saint Keyna 1833) was invested as Provincial Membership Officer (PMO) and Barry Davies (Benevolent 446) as Provincial Communications Officer (PCO).

The Travelling Trowels were then escorted into the Provincial Grand Lodge by the Masters of St Keyna 1833, Prudence and Industry 1953, Quantock 4446 and Taunton Deane 5521 and presented to the PGM who thanked them and reminded the brethren of the importance of visiting.

David then announced that he would be delighted to present the final three outstanding Golden Ashlars to the Lodges that had contributed £1000 per member to the 2020 Festival. These were, Love & Honour 285, Priory 6913 and St. Dunstans 7973. An outstanding achievement!

The PGM then addressed the brethren. He was particularly proud that five Somerset brethren have received personal commendations signed by the Duke of Kent for their efforts during the Covid crisis. He also commended the Province on the raising of the £2.7 million which was donated to the MCF through the 2020 Festival.

He underlined the importance of the National Digital Marketing Campaign in which Somerset is taking part and the relaunching of Pathway, a UGLE campaign to both enhance and update Freemasonry in the eyes of the public and attract new interested members.

He finished by saying “Brethren it is a huge privilege and pleasure being your Provincial Grand Master and I look forward to meeting with many more of you over the coming months”.

Following the meeting the Brethren took the opportunity to mingle with friends they had not seen in a long time, many taking advantage of the sunny weather outside on the terraces. While this was going on the Lodge Room was mysteriously transformed into a dining room where an excellent dinner was enjoyed by over 300 Brethren under the direction of the PrGDC Barry McCormack.

Barry Davies


The outgoing 2019 / 2021 team
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