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The Members’ Pathway

Provincial Grand Mentor - W.Bro Richard Parrish answers questions about the revised Members’ Pathway.

The United Grand Lodge of England are re-launching the Members’ Pathway by taking onboard important feedback from Lodges and making some significant changes by revising the original concept which was launched in 2017. Everyone should have received the Autumn edition of Freemasonry Today, inside you will find an article by the Pro Grand Master, M.W.Bro Peter Lowndes, detailing the plan together with a guide ‘Introducing the Members’ Pathway”. The aim ‘Attracting Members, Growing Lodges’.

What is the Province doing to prepare for the re-launch?

In preparation Somerset’s Provincial Teams, overseen by W. Bro Martin Slocombe, who reports to the Provincial Executive, and consisting of the heads of Membership, Mentoring, Communications, IT and Social Media have been working closely together for the past eight months planning for the September re-launch which will be rolled out across Somerset during the autumn. Invitations to area presentations about the re-launch will be sent out soon.

So why do we need a revised Members’ Pathway?

Following the successful introduction of the Members’ Pathway in 2017 Freemasonry continues to face challenges in attracting and retaining members and due to the pandemic, we have seen huge changes in the way we lead our lives. It is right that the Members’ Pathway should adapt to suit changing needs. 

What changes can we expect?   

A simpler and more encompassing Members’ Pathway which promotes teamwork whether that be as a province or in our lodges after all we are all on the same path together to improve our Masonic experience for members and to be in high esteem in our communities. Recommendations for each Lodge include the appointment of a Membership Officer, a Solomon Champion, by understanding the Lodge is today and planning where it wants to be in 5 years, use of a Lodge website, participation in social media and promotion within the community. Many Lodges will already be ahead of the relaunch and on their way towards the benefits. Some Lodges may not have the skills to implement some recommendations and that is where the Provincial Team can assist, they are there to support you.

What are the benefits for Lodges?

That will depend on how and if the revised Members’ Pathway is implemented in a Lodge. 

Generally attracting and retaining members is the main benefit. By working as a team within a Lodge and following the recommendations member enjoyment and satisfaction will improve, Lodges will enjoy a higher profile in the community which in turn will attract applicants and improve continuity and let’s not forget that Freemasonry should also be fun, social activities are important too. There are no downsides to adopting the Members’ Pathway.

Is the revised Members’ Pathway mandatory for Lodges to adopt?

In a word no. Lodges are free to choose how the Members’ Pathway is applied to them, some will want to embrace it completely and some will adopt parts that will be of benefit to them.

I’ve looked at the graphic in the magazine it looks complicated.

Don’t be put off, it’s actually very simple! It encourages Lodges to evaluate where they are now and where they would like to be in the future. It offers simple paths for a Lodge team to follow so that they can achieve their goals and prosper.

It is important that every lodge recognises what is relevant for them and how to use it to their advantage.  Remember the aim, ‘Attracting Members, Growing Lodges’.

Read the Pro Grand Master’s article in Freemasonry Today

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