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Connaught Lodge receive a talk on 18th Century Masonry

In the absence of an initiate and instead of a demonstration ceremony, Worshipful Master
Craig Harding invited W. Bro Dr John Wade PJGD to give a talk about Eighteenth Century
Masonic Medical Doctors in Scotland and America. W. Bro John, a historian by profession, is
a Past Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, the Premier Lodge of Masonic Research.
Illustrating his talk with PowerPoint slides he spoke in depth about the young American and
Caribbean medical students who attended the renowned Edinburgh School of Medicine who
then returned home after graduating to practice medicine.

Many were initiated into Freemasonry whilst in Edinburgh by the Lodge of the Roam Eagle, No. 160 that was founded in 1785. Their ceremonies were originally conducted in Latin hence the Lodge being referred to as CLX (160 in Roman Numerals).
He concluded his talk by presenting the Lodge with his book, ‘A History of Craft
Freemasonry in Sheffield 1761 – 2017’.

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