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Dad flies in from Zimbabwe to help Raise his son

Lodge of Honour recently held an Emergency Meeting to Raise a Brother to the Third Degree, with assistance from his Father who flew in from Zimbabwe especially for the occasion.

A member of the Acacia Lodge in Harare, and responsible for first introducing his son to Freemasonry, he delivered the Charge, which was slightly different from their usual ritual, being based on that from the Scottish Constitution.

Members from Chaloner Lodge in Wiltshire, one of whom was returning to his Mother Lodge for the evening, were also involved; as was the Worshipful Master of Royal Cumberland Lodge.

Brethren from Chaloner Lodge

It was a very successful night and the dining that followed at the festive board did not disappoint. Good humour and cheer enjoyed by all, whilst raising a generous amount from the Alms collection and Raffle.

For a fuller account of the evening see the report on the Lodge of Honour website: here

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