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Father and Son, Brothers in Freemasonry

At the April meeting of Whitchurch Lodge, the Worshipful Master Mike Wake stood aside to allow Worshipful Brother Andy Bardens to take the Chair of King Solomon, providing him with the privilege of Initiating his son Oliver into Freemasonry.

Mike Wake, Oliver Bardens & Andy Bardens

Oliver, a Gas engineer, is 25 years old, which by coincidence is about the same number of years his father has been a Freemason.

Andy is a Joining-Member of Whitchurch having previously been a member of Cornucopia Lodge.

The last time a Lewis was welcomed into Whitchurch Lodge was over 20 years ago, and after a meaningful Ceremony the celebrations continued at the well-attended festive board.


In Freemasonry, the term ‘Lewis’ has two distinctive meanings:

1. A three-pronged iron cramp that is inserted in a prepared cavity in stone by which it may be lowered and lifted with precision.

2. The son of a Mason in England is called a Lewis, “because it is his duty to support the sinking powers and aid the failing strength of his father,” or, as the Rev George Oliver expressed it, “to bear the burden and heat of the day, that his parents may rest in their old age, thus rendering the evening of their lives peaceful and happy.”

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