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Day Out in the Community for Fidelity and Sincerity

So what did you do on bank holiday Sunday in the rain? Some members of The Lodge of Fidelity and Sincerity who meet in Wellington, took the Provincial gazebo and supported the Wellington Park Spring Fair, a community driven event. Sadly nobody informed the weather gods who sent some pretty miserable rain and at best drizzle. That said it did not dampen the spirit of hardy Wellingtonians from supporting the event and although nobody wanted to stand and have a chat in the rain the community that attended could not ignore us as we made ourselves visible and the gazebo was very eye catching.

One thing is for sure we promoted a whole load of conversations over the weekend and maybe some seeds were planted in some minds, above all we made ourselves a part of our community and will continue to do so. Our Provincial Grand Master in his address last year said “Don’t expect people to beat a path to your door to join, if they don’t know you exist”. My favourite comment of the day was “I thought they were secret”. Ahhhhh nope.

By Duncan Sully-Dunbar, Lodge Mentor

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