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A lovely evening at Burnham on Sea

Burnham on Sea having one of the oldest Chapters (and indeed Craft Lodges) the names of each are never easy to say, Vale of Jehoshaphat (VofJ) the name of the Chapter and Rural Philanthropic the name of the Craft Lodge, both having the number 291. However they have a reputation of delivering excellent ritual, with humour and sincerity, the recent meeting proving just that. Also showing the strong link between Royal Arch and the Craft.

The Chapter welcomed Ray Guthrie, there on a friendly visit to show support, as well as exalting their new companion, Graham Vining.

L-R Ray Guthrie, Ted Toon, Graham Vining, Jeff Body, Julian Frost (lurking in the background Fred Body)

Ray commented that the Royal Arch ceremony means so much when it is conducted well and the members of VofJ certainly did that, particularly when many of the offices were filled by last minute stand ins! VofJ have not yet adopted the new “Savage” workings, they use their own, which is very similar, however, “never say never” as the saying goes.

The Chapter keen to make Ray work for his supper, asked him to present a Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate to the newly exalted Justin Weaver.

With over 30 in attendance, including 8 guests, there was great buzz about the place, with everyone enjoying each other’s company and a lovely meal provided by the ever hard working John Chinn and his crew.

The mirth continued, when the PS, feeling confident he knew the answers to the challenge at dinner, (because he thought he had them in his pocket), was immediately taken aback when he realised he had put the wrong sheet in his pocket, what he had was in fact a blank piece of paper. Jeff Body (Z) being ever helpful, said here use mine, which in fact turned out to be just the questions, with no answers.

A frantic plea then went out by the PS, to which David Attwater the ever present organist, stepped in to help out, much to the relief of none other than Ian Evans the PS! However this was mentioned by Ray in his response to the toast, with a lot of “micky” taking being done, all in good humour though!

For those that have not completed their Masonic Journey or indeed left but have yet to come back, please speak to your Royal Arch rep, or pay a visit to your old Chapter, things have changed, very much for the better.

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