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St Kew take a visit over the Border

On Saturday 20th April the WM David Rogers along with W.bro martin Hughes took a trip across the border to Watch W.bro Brian Horn be installed into the chair of King Soloman in Mayflower Lodge, in the province of Devon.

They were joined by a good number of other brethren from St Kew who are also members of Mayflower lodge and the Widow Sons Biker Association. All of the Brethren at St Kew wish Brian a successful year in the chair.

In 2018 Mayflower lodge was on the brink of handing back there warrant when the Widows Sons stepped in and asked the province of Devon if they could save 66 years of history.

The lodge is now a motorcycle enthusiasts lodge with a great growing membership and supported by other Masonic biker associations up and down the country, attending a meeting is certainly different with brethren of Mayflower Lodge donning their biker vest during the meeting and at the festive board.

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