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Who Cares for the Carers?

Royal Cumberland Lodge and St Alphege Lodge certainly do and have recently each donated £500.00 to Bath Carers’ Centre

Peter Townsend (WM St Alphege Lodge) Jaquie Orchard (CEO of The Carers’ Centre) & Vincent Baughan (WM Royal Cumberland Lodge 41)

The Carers’ Centre offers support and advice to friends and families helping their loved ones get the best out of life. There is a significant hidden number of people who are caring for loved ones at home. They include children looking after older relatives, parents for children, and spouses for their partners. Carers can be as young as 5 and over 95 years old!

The Carers’ Centre offers a range of services:

There is a support line to offer essential advice when needed and to point people in the right direction when applying for financial aid and where to find potential funding opportunities.

They offer employment advice to help people juggling caring commitments with their work, and emotional support to carers who are faced with the challenges of round-the-clock caring.

Also organising free wellbeing activities for carers, to allow them to take a break from their caring role; indeed, one example of this was a tour of The Old Theatre Royal for a group.

Lastly, but by no means least, they give carers a voice, helping B&NES create a caring strategy, taking part in social work training.

Carers need a voice, as they are a silent and hidden crowd. At the latest survey, there were approximately 19,600 carers in the region, and it is estimated that collectively, they save B&NES £426 million.

The Carers’ Centre is a very worthwhile organisation in our area, providing invaluable support to people looking after loved ones: it is without doubt that the recent donation, albeit modest, will be put to very good use.

Supported by members (present and future!) of both Lodges
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