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1966 Use the Savage Ritual again, April 2004

For the second meeting running we were pleased to be able to Exalt a new companion into Fidelity and Sincerity. W Bro Ian Cassling, a Past Master from Richard Huish Lodge was proposed by Comp Richard Wilson and Seconded by Comp Simon Gamlin.

Before the Exaltation the Chapter was opened by MEZ Chris Summers, assisted by E Comps Duncan Sully Dunbar, H, and Alan Clayton, J. This was the first time this season that all Three Principals were in action together. E Comp Chris then welcomed E Comp Martin Slocombe, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, and 26 Oter Guests.

The Somerset Sceptre was then delivered to 1966 by The Old Tauntonian Chapter, No 5735, by E Comp Jason Raikes and a delegation of other members. Jason charged MEZ to deliver the Sceptre to Exmoor Lodge in Minehead on 22 May 2024.

A Ballot was taken for a Joining Member, Comp Grant Peckham, which proved clear, who was welcomed into 1966.

Unfortunately, in the financial situation the Treasurer had to increase the subs for the coming season to £50.

E Comp Martin Slocombe presented a SGC Certificate to Comp Roberto Carboni, who was exalted at the last meeting.

E Comp Martin Slocombe presents a SGC Certificate to Comp Roberto Carboni

Next on the Agenda was the Exaltation Ceremony, where we once again used the Savage Ritual. This showed the ceremony was smooth and enjoyable. Noteworthy amongst those taking part were E Comp Charlie Barker, PrGScibeE, who undertook the Principal Sojourner’s Part, Comp Ken Winhall, 2nd part of The Mystical, and Roberto Carboni, the 3rd part of The Mystical, who volunteered with less than a week to learn it. The Chapter looks to be in good health with new and joining members coming on.

The election of the Three Principals and the Treasurer for the following year were declared: “Z” E Comp Duncan Sully-Dunbar, “H” E Comp Alan Clayton, “J” Comp Simon Gamlin and Treasurer E Comp Chris Waterhouse.

The Chapter was then closed and E Comp Martin Slocombe delivered an excellent presentation on the subject of the membership challenge and clearly set out its aims and objectives, and how the Chapter of Fidelity and Sincerity could play its part in achieving the Provincial goal. The presentation was well received.

E Comp Martin leading the discussion on the Membership Challenge
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