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Royal Somerset’s Alan Wilde Celebrates His 50th Year As A Freemason With His Family & Brethren.

What a great evening Thursday 11th April was for Royal Somerset Lodge, No 973, at Frome Masonic Hall..

Brother Alan Wilde, who now lives near Portsmouth, was presented with his 50th Year Certificate by Somerset’s PGM, Ray Guthrie, himself a longstanding member of Royal Somerset Lodge.

Alan with Somerset’s PGM, Ray Guthrie.

Alan was born and raised in an RAF service family in Yeovil, and educated at Yeovil Grammar School before spending two years at an English boarding school in Germany, thereafter joining Lloyds Bank in 1961. His ambitious career in banking necessitated many geographical moves, but he settled in Frome in 1967 whereupon he met his future wife, Gilly. They were married in 1970.

Gilly’s father, Roger Oswick, was a member of 973 and was something of an inspiration to Alan who willingly joined Royal Somerset Lodge as a result of their conversations.

His progression as a Freemason in Royal Somerset proved difficult because of the frequent re-locations required by his progression with Lloyds. His loyalty to both institutions remained very important to him, and his membership of 973 remained unbroken, wherever he found himself based with Lloyds.

Dan, Mark, Gilly, Alan and Ray.

Alan’s evening was made all-the-more special because he was joined in Lodge by his wife, Gilly, their son, Mark, and grandson, Dan.

Alan made a heart-felt address to the Brethren on behalf of himself and his family, whereupon his achievement received a well-deserved round of applause.

The Family Wilde then retired to the bar whilst the Lodge was called back on to conclude its regular business.

All gathered then enjoyed a fine roast beef Festive Board carvery in the company of friends and Brethren.

Alan’s commitment and outlook to Freemasonry was poignantly summed-up in these words, having accepted his long service certificate from the PGM………………………

“My fifty years’ membership of Freemasonry is a proud personal achievement, despite not been able to be a regular attendee at Lodge, nor progress through its ranks due to work commitments. Its principles and values have remained a strong influence on my thinking and actions throughout. I wholeheartedly believe that it has improved my life and has made a positive impact on my relationship with others.”

FYI. After the meeting, a special ballpoint pen was found in the committee room of Frome Masonic Hall. It may not have become separated from its owner at that evening’s meeting, of course, but will undoubtedly be missed by its keeper once the loss is realised. It remains safe at Frome until claimed via the Royal Somerset Lodge’s Secretary…….

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