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Three Is The Magic Craft Number At Bridgwater

Bridgwater Tri-Lodge Meeting at the Lodge of Perpetual Friendship

The continuation of an ongoing Bridgwater Masonic Hall tradition happened at the regular meeting of the Lodge of Perpetual Friendship L135 on the 8th of April. Each year one of the three Bridgwater lodges hosts a Tri-Lodge meeting where several of the Lodge’s regular officers are switched out with the officer from one of the two Lodges of either Admiral Blake L4692 or Tynte L7994.

At this year’s meeting, Brother James Johnson who is already an active Steward of the Lodge was raised to the third degree by the Master of the Lodge of Perpetual Friendship, David Young, and his Tri-Lodge team. There was a high standard of ritual from all the brethren who took part in the ceremony with significant effort being put in to ensure that the Lodge’s usual workings were followed.

It is safe to say that everyone had a fantastic evening, and we are all already looking forward to next year’s Tri-Lodge meeting.

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