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New Master installed at St Kew

At their recent meeting, St Kew lodge who meet in Weston-Super-Mare installed David Rogers into the chair of King Soloman.

It was a very special evening, especially as Davids best friend and proposer into freemasonry – W.Bro Martin Hughes, installed David into the chair.

The tools were superbly presented by 3 stewards, Chris Shaw, Tim James and Antony Hughs.

The installation was very well attended by around 70 brethren from across somerset and beyond. The caterers provided an excellent festive board, and the fine voices of St Kew filled the air with a great visitor’s song and finished off the evening with a song to the new master.

St Kew have a strong future ahead, with every office filled with a light blue and 6 stewards waiting in the wings. During our LOI every Tuesday, new brethren are encouraged to participate and practice rituals, this shows during our ceremonies when light blues carry out their roles impeccably, and the hard work is paid off.

It truly is a great sight to see the newer brethren showing a willingness to learn and seeing them get the support from the more experienced brethren of the lodge, showing freemasonry the supported community, we all know it to be.

We encourage you all to pay a visit to St Kew lodge 1222 in the future and you’ll always find a welcome here.

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