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Somerset goes to Somersetshire!

The Somerset Provincial team led by the Provincial Grand Master, Ray Guthrie, took its annual pilgrimage to London, visiting, the Somersetshire Lodge, accompanied by a great many from the Lodge of Agriculture (Ohh Arrr) to Raise Les Miller to the degree of a Master Mason.

What a Team.

The ceremony was conducted in fine fashion, with Ray taking the chair, whilst the other offices were filled by the members of the team. However as the current PrGDC, Garry Sharp is currently the Master of Somersetshire Lodge, and Tony Guthrie is the DC, they could not fill their usual roles, this was ably filled by Steve Coles a PrDGDC, together with Andy Broad PrDGDC and Chris Hole PrAGDC. (A tough job considering the two colossus of ritual were watching every move and word!)

Les was a great candidate and was very well supported by the members of the Lodge of Agriculture, who being as frugal as ever took the coach to London and not the train! The members of the team were congratulated by Ray, saying it was the best team he had worked with this year, which of course raised a smile!

With over 90 staying to dine it was a a sumptuous meal of soup, rare duck breast, sticky toffee pudding with Cheese and biscuits to follow. The whole day was conducted with humour, pragmatism and was a great example of how Freemasonry should be, Serious when needed, humour when applied correctly and above all the brotherly affection that we should all have for each other.

Some of the team decided to stay overnight in London, which resulted in the need for Paracetamol in the morning!

Thanks to Scott Gibbons and Ian Evans for the Photgraphs.

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