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An International and Family Gathering at Royal Cumberland Lodge

Royal Cumberland’s meeting in March was a family affair with a truly international feel.  Brother Iain Kirkwood was Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason, watched over by his Father, Brother Alexander Kirkwood from Lodge Eastmuir in Scotland.

Father and Son

Iain later remarked, “thank you to everyone for giving me a fantastic experience in my Raising – the way only RCL can! It was great to be able to have Dad there who said it was an evening he will never forget – so thank you everyone for your support”

In addition to the two generations Kirkwood being present, there was an international feeling to the evening.

The Royal Cumberland Lodge has its own international cohort amongst its members, coming, as they do, from Portugal, The Philippines, Germany, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, and the Isle-of-Wight (!) not to mention Wales and Scotland, but their meeting had an increased international presence:

Brother Josef Hendrik de Pont, of Lodge La Bien Aimée, was visiting from The Netherlands.  Coincidentally, La Bien Aimée is one of the oldest, if not the oldest lodge in The Netherlands, so it was appropriate that Brother Josef visited one of the oldest lodges in England, and oldest formed outside of London.

In addition, Brother Mick Holland, Lodge of Agriculture (Gloucestershire) brought three guests from Iceland:

who presented Vincent Baughan, the Worshipful Master, with a set of cufflinks and shirt studs bearing their lodge emblem.

To continue the international theme, the toast to the guests was given by their German Brother, Klaus Krzok, and the response was given by Brother Hendrik de Pont. 

For the benefit, and relief, of the gathering, both toast and response were given in English!

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