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Brother Wayne is Passed at Estune

On Tuesday the 20th February Estune held their regular meeting Our WM Mark and his team of officers conducted a fantastic ceremony in the passing of Bro Wayne Otley to the degree of fellowcraft. Bro Wayne was a great candidate and conducted himself in great style as he made his way around the lodge. The tools were presented in with aplomb by Bro Terry Ransome and Our Junior Warden Bro Stewart Galway delivered a first class rendition of the 2nd Degree tracing board.

After the meeting the Brethren retired to the Bar and Dinning room where a truly festive board was served up by Sam and her team we would like to thank them as usual they make the evening special for us and our guests.

We would like to thank all our visitors for the support in making this an evening to remember as the saying goes “Happy to Meet Sorry to Part Happy to Meet Again” we hope you all enjoyed your evening and we look forward to seeing you all again for a very warm Estune Welcome in March.

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