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Somerset Masters Install Steve Coles

At their recent meeting the members of Somerset Masters Lodge witnessed a superb Installation of Steve Coles, Current ProvGDepDC as their new Master. The Installing Master, none other than Martin Slocombe a past APGM, conducted the work in his usual brilliant fashion, nearly word perfect (we won’t mention the closing).

As is the tradition of Somerset Masters, Steve went on to present an excellent talk on the link between the armed forces and Masonry, which must have taken a lot of research as the dates, facts and figures were incredible.

The meeting was honoured by the attendance of the Masters in Office from Bristol and Gloucester installed Masters Lodges as well as the newly appointed PGM of Gloucestershire.

Also as is the new tradition of Somerset Masters, the current Prov Senior Warden, Colin Martin, gave thew address to the Master and the current Prov Junior Warden, Ian Evans, gave the address to the Wardens.

It was nice to see the Deputy PGM Ben Batley doing some work on the floor, as JD, he did remember the tools eventually! Also due to the sad absence of the DC Garry Sharp, the APGM Tony Guthrie stood in as DC, as, when Keith Baker was asked if he would do it, the shock was too much, Keith decided the spot just inside the door was the choice for him!

The meeting was followed by the superb hot buffet provided by Keynsham Masonic Hall, with everyone leaving sated and with a smile on their face.

Any Past Master can join Somerset Masters Lodge who meet twice a year across Somerset and have the cheapest annual Subs in the Province at £11.50pa.

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