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Firsts for Southey Lodge 6650

On 19th February 2024 , the WM and the officers of Southey Lodge 6650 had the privilege of presiding over the ceremony of initiation of Mr. Gregory Green, a candidate of just 18 years and a law student at University of the West of England.

Bro Green conducted himself in a most worthy manner as he was guided around the square by the JD,  with all participating officers acting with the utmost decorum and reciting the ritual almost to perfection. It was commented upon, that the JW had managed to remain awake throughout the whole ceremony! 

What was the difference between this initiation and others, I hear you ask! well,

  1. He is our first candidate to have applied online and not be introduced to the lodge in the normal manner.
  2.  He is the first candidate initiated into Southey lodge at the tender age of 18 years.

The initiation was followed by a superb festive board, well attended by visitors from throughout the province. All joining in enthusiastically with the song of the initiate and the ceremony of sway!

For your diaries – We will be carrying out a 2nd degree on the 18th of March and all are welcome to attend to witness the passing of Bro Walsh and afterwards to enjoy superb food, libation and good company at the festive board. 

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