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Stewards Lodge and Athelstan Lodge working together in Harmony.

At their recent meeting, the Somerset Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge (SPGSL) helped Athelstan Lodge by passing Kevin Titchard to the Second Degree. In an almost flawlesss ceremony the Stewards demonstrated their skills, even if it was in a multitude of workings, Bristol, Emulation, Taylors, Burnham on Sea and of course Hayes (Tel being the IPM and prompter).

Darren Herbert the current Master of the Lodge (who has used Bristol workings for over 20 years) was in fine form, only using the Bristol words 19 times, luckily his JW (Derrick Griffin) is also in Vale of Brislington, so he understood perfectly!

The obligation was conducted by Ashley Brown the Master of Athelstan, in a relaxed yet sincere manner, the secrets were explained by the current PrJGW Ian Evans, in his usual style with good humour, the extended Working Tools by John Southwood, again in a superb manner and the Tracing Board was explained perfectly by the incoming PrSGW Garry Hawkes (please don’t clap). Both the JD and SD worked well together and Kevin said what an excellent day it was and that he had really enjoyed it.

The meeting was attended by over 30 brethren before the ladies and partners joined them for the usual sherry reception and meal at Weston Masonic Hall.

Athelstan Lodge is currently going from strength to strength and is doing well at recruiting more members, as well as a great social Lodge, having the Taylors Club where they go out regularly on an informal basis. They are also holding a Ladies night at the Webbington Country House, where everyone will be welcome. Contact Justin Pursey the Lodge Secretary for more information

The meeting was also made all the more special as not only was the incoming PrSGW there, the new PrJGW Rob Hughes was also in attendance.

Rob and Garry in the Picture they were ready for…
Not quite so ready!

SPGSL are always available to conduct Passing and Raising ceremonies for any Lodge that has a backlog and may need some help, they may also be able to come to your Masonic Hall, as long as it can be held on a Saturday. Contact Simon Sparks the Lodge Secretary for more information.

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