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A Memorable Evening at Lodge of Honour

Lodge Secretary, Brother Sam reports:

The last time the Lodge of Honour had a Double Initiation was when the current Secretary was in the Chair as Master, way back in 2019. This together with the Membership Challenge Visit (MCV) from members of the province and a member’s 40th Masonic anniversary celebration, as well as coinciding with the Lodge’s 199th anniversary made our first meeting of 2024 truly memorable.

Membership Challenge Visit

We started our meeting with a warm reception of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and his Provincial Team for the Membership Challenge Visit (MCV). MCV is a provincial initiative to make Freemasonry more accessible by encouraging our members to improve the way we interact with our local communities. The Provincial Executive are working to increase the membership numbers in Somerset.

This initiative aligns with the Lodge of Honour’s commitment to community interaction, exemplified by our monthly Curry Club, excluding December. With renewed vigour, we aim to bolster our outreach, led by the Membership Officer, to welcome new members to our fold. We invite those curious about Freemasonry to reach out through our contact page.

Our next Curry Club meet in February promises to be a vibrant affair at the Sepoy Club in Bath. As always friends and family are invited. Members of other lodges are also invited. At our last Curry Meet, we had members from Royal Cumberland Lodge and Royal Sussex Lodge joined us. We hope to see them again at the end of the month.

Double Initiation

Another highlight of the meeting was our double initiation ceremony, a significant event signifying the growth and vitality of our Lodge. Our last double initiation was in 2019. Fast forward to 2024, we are proud to put two new initiates through in a double First-Degree Ceremony.

After which, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master commented, “I would congratulate all who took part in the double initiation ceremony that followed the presentation. It is always a pleasure to see ritual that is delivered well, something your candidates obviously enjoyed”.

A Member’s 40th Year in Freemasonry

Not in the meeting agenda, but as a surprise, under the heading any other business, we celebrated one of our own. The Master, his Officers and Brethren of the Lodge awarded a commemorative lapel pin and a lodge certificate to celebrate a member’s 40th year in freemasonry. The lodge remembers all his past contributions and is grateful that he decided to rejoin us in 2022 even though he now resides in Devon, nearly 2 hours 20 minutes-drive from Bath.

He continues to be a much-valued, proactive member with contributions to the development of the lodge, participating in rituals, helping to conduct fund-raising activities for the Bicentenary Celebration, writing up the history of our lodge and joining the Curry Club meets to get to know the new members better. The pin and certificate was presented by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master. He was delighted and responded with thanks to the brethren for this gesture.

His ongoing involvement is a testament to the enduring bonds of our brotherhood.

Visitors from the Bath Lodges

Apart from the provincial guests, we also had very welcome representation from the other Bath lodges, in particular the Masters of Royal Cumberland, St Alphege and Royal Albert Edward. A core of regular visitors from Royal Sussex Lodge and St Alphege also graced us with their presence. Their attendance underscored the camaraderie and support within the Masonic community. 

199th Anniversary Celebration

At the festive board, all members enjoyed their meals of Mini Fish and Chip starter and a main course of Roast Beef accompanied by steam vegetables. But the ‘star’ that stole the show was the dessert. Expertly prepared by the wife of one of our members, the Chocolate Brownie Mousse Cup was a big hit. A great finish to our meal, it went well with the coffee and red wine.

The treat that has now become a tradition, first became a feature at our February meetings 3 years ago. It started at our 197th Anniversary in 2022, continued in 198th Anniversary in 2023 and now. A well embedded tradition for the lodge; members and visitors enjoyed the sweet surprise and look forward to next February for more. It also serves as a much-enjoyed countdown to the Lodge’s Bicentenary Celebration, our 200th Anniversary in 2025, just 12 months away!

Bicentenary Celebrations: LoH is 200 in 2025

As a Lodge, we are looking forward to this landmark event that promises to be an exciting and memorable experience. It will be marked by a special Meeting followed by Gala Dinner and Dance. We will be inviting members and guests in Bath and from around the Province to come and join in this historic celebration of our enduring legacy and fraternal bonds. Please log your interest using this link 

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